Ivanka Trump Talks to Style Republic Magazine About Her New Jewelry Collection, "The Journey."

Ever since known real estate entrepreneur, Ivanka Trump, launched her very own line of classic jewelry, our editors have been big fans of her work; the vibrant colours, glittering diamonds, unique settings... What's not to love? After taking a peek through Trump's upcoming collection, we caught up with the sought after accessory designer (and new mom!) to chat about what's new, and what's next...

SR: Which pieces from your new collections best describe your personal style?

IT: Each of the four new collections from my jewelry series, “The Journey,” is inspired by my passion for architecture and travel. They each have their own unique aesthetic, but the one that I resonate most with would be Metropolis. I took the geometric shapes seen in the art deco period and combined it with my love of New York City architecture, to create a synergy between each piece that allows the jewelry to easily transition from a day in the boardroom to an evening out.

SR: Did you think of a particular client or woman when you created the new lines?

IT: I’m passionate about creating jewelry for the modern, sophisticated self-purchasing woman of today.

SR: How has being a mother changed your work ethic? Are you going to take some time off to relax and enjoy motherhood?

IT: Being a mother has changed my work ethic. It motivates me to work harder and more efficiently so I can get home to spend time with my family, and be a great example for my daughter in the years to come. I have a very fulfilling career, and I think that makes me an even better mom when I’m home.

SR: How would you describe your style in three words? Has it changed since becoming pregnant?

IT: Chic, and timeless with a youthful edge. Pregnancy hasn’t changed that for me. There are still pieces that I can wear that express my personal style without forgoing comfort!

SR: It's been said that the inspiration for the new line, “Aberdeen” came from Aberdeen, Scotland; could you elaborate a little more? What inspired you there?

IT: I’ve always had a love for Scotland, as it’s where my father’s paternal grandmother was from. I specifically picked Aberdeen as the last stop in my “Journey” jewelry series because I’ve recently spent a lot of time there visiting Trump International Golf Links Scotland; the rolling hills and sand dunes from the course, coupled with the North Sea shoreline, inspired me to capture a softer side to my jewelry.

SR: What would you say your ultimate goal is as a jewelry designer?

IT: To continue to update classic jewelry designs of the past with modern twists that have quality, craftsmanship and style. I am extremely proud of the new collections I launched this year, and will continue to use my personal experiences to influence future designs.

SR: What were your favorite pieces of jewelry as a child? Do they inspire any of your work today?

IT: On my 21st birthday my mother gave me a beautiful diamond necklace that is obviously very special to me. I still wear it frequently; it was definitely a piece that ignited my interest in fine jewelry, led me to explore the market, and find a niche for my product.*



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